Is a home inspection mandatory in Chattanooga?

You might just be ready to list your home for sale and are wondering why it would be necessary to have a home inspection service. On the other hand, another person might also be getting ready to buy a new home after touring the home with a friend or a partner. They might be wondering whether it would be important to hire the services of home inspectors.

On the side of home buyer

As a buyer, it is not required by law that you have a home inspection conducted before you buy the property. The home inspection is just something that you should do to protect your investment in the long run. A professional home inspection service will cost a significant amount of the whole price of the house but it is an important step. This service is recommended because you will be able to spot any underlying issues with the home that should guide you whether you should proceed with the home or not.

A home inspection on the side of the buyer also prevents the transfer of liability to you. This happens if the contracts have been finalized and you now own the home. If the roofs are faulty, the seller would not be held in any way to repair it for you.

On the side of home sellers

As a homeowner seeking to sell their home, you might be on the wrong side of the law if you sell a home without disclosing any serious defects that it might have. For instance, if there was an issue with the foundation, you would have risked the lives of the inhabitants. You might have missed this if you did the home inspection job by yourself as you are probably not a professional. That is why you will need to hire professional services.

Professional local home inspectors are well qualified and have skilled experience that should enable them to spot any serious issues. They are also licensed and this sort of passes the liability to them in case an issue arises in the future. You will therefore not have to carry the burden by yourself as the home inspectors are responsible for inspecting the home and telling you of any serious issues affecting its structure.

They would then expect you to perform the necessary repairs or renovations before you transfer the possession to another party. All of these processes are important because buying homes is actually one of the costliest investments that a buyer will have to make. It would be wrong if they have to deal with some serious damages after they have made the purchase. This might also put the lives of the inhabitants in danger and it would be worse if the inhabitants are actually their family members.

Bottom line

All in all, home inspection service in Chattanooga is important for both parties; buyers and sellers. This is because you would get the best deal out of the transaction thanks to the advice of your home inspector who should be able to single out any signs of defects on the home in question.

Author: Chief Inspector