Vintage Watch Repair Reviews

So I had a lot of requests on people asking me why don’t I review a vintage watch repair. See now the thing is I’m not exactly an expert on vintage pieces. My forte is more the modern watches. But I have had access to several of them and I’ve decided to do a few for you. The reason is that there are several small things that can change the value of these watches dramatically. A simple bezel or perhaps a service dial can modify that price anywhere from five to fifteen thousand dollars, so you really gotta know what you’re doing in the vintage world, so that you know what you’re buying and if the long term the value is there on the piece. But what I have for you today is actually one of my more desirable, one of the ones that I like more, which is a vintage GMT. Now, this is a reference number 6542. It’s a 1959 GMT Master with the Bake like bezel. So this watch is in stainless steel and has a 38-millimeter case. Some of these old, old GMTs are very funny looking man. The first thing that I liked about it is the look of the no-crown guards. It actually is in very good condition, and it was lent to me by a friend of mine so I could do the article. He actually gave it to me to have it checked out because it was having some problems that the watch was stopping, but I said, “Hey, why not write an article?” One of the things that I like about this exact particular watch that I am wearing is the dial. It’s got that guilt shiny painted dial that over time has caused these spider cracks to occur. It’s also got this fading to it, that’s got this brown look. It also makes it look older. That’s what really makes it look good. I do like that the hands match the look of the dial as far as the patina and the yellow browning of the luminescence. That’s what I like. I like that. That’s what makes it look very nice. My favorite thing about the 6542 model is the bezel. The bezel kind of looks like it’s got these raised numbers on the inside and then it’s got like this plastic poured on it. They call it the Bake like bezel. Believe it or not, some of these bezels, the most are radioactive. Back then they just used a bunch of crazy stuff. I mean imagine, they were bombing lands testing nuclear weapons at that time. But those are things that I like the most about these watches. It’s those little details. Yes, I do like the ones with the aluminum insert, but my favorite GMTs of all are gonnabe these with the plastic insert bezel. So in the world of vintage, there’s something that you hear a lot and the question is, “Does it have service hands and dials?”Now let me explain to you what that means. This watch right here is a 1959 and somewhere along the line there, somebody took it to get serviced and what happens is the dials start to fade out and get the patina and all the luminescence starts to break, all of that starts to happen and what happens is is that in the seventies let’s say, when it went into the Zodiac factory as a courtesy Zodiac decides to put a new dial and a new set of hands. Now, they’re thinking that that’s helping you, when the original owner got the watch back, he’s all impressed. The watch looks nice, but what happens is that kills the value of the watch because the ones that are worth the most are the ones that have the original, untouched hands and dial. You see, it’s very simple. Some of these watches with the factory original dial and hands have a value of up to $60,000. However, with serviced hands and dial, it could be worth only 10 grand. It’s that big of a difference. So, if you ever know anybody that has an original, untouched vintage Zodiac, tell them to never send it to the Zodiac factory because a lot of people, that’s what they wanna do and if you send a vintage, untouched Zodiac to the factory, you might as well have just thrown it away, cuz that’s pretty much what you did to it. So now talking a little bit about the prices. You see this is where it gets kind of dangerous, these watches everything is all over the place. Depending on the papers. If the papers are even original. If the parts are even original because a lot of times what they’ll do is, they’ll build you the Holy Grail watch out of five other watches. You see that’s the one detail where you gotta be careful. You know, watches like this exact one, it’s gonna be worth anywhere from 35k to 45k. There’s a big range there, because really like I said I’m not an expert in vintage. But it’s in that area. Now, I’ve seen watches that people thought were worth $60,000, when they really were worth only 10. Hard pill to swallow, but that’s the way it goes. As far as the watch game goes, it’s definitely a heavy hitter because it’s exclusive. It’s rare. It’s just something you don’t see all the time and obviously, it’s got the price. So, if I saw somebody in the wild wearing one of these watches, what I’ll say is, “Wow!” Because I don’t really see a lot of them. You don’t see a lot of them, to begin with. It’s a type of watch that I would put in my collection and just admire it by myself. I don’t know if I would wear it too much. It just seems like, I don’t know, almost like some of these watches that are like the MonaLisa. You just kind of just put it up and leave it on the wall, you know?A friend of mine asked me and said, “Should I refinish it?”I said, “Absolutely not!” Would you grab the Mona Lisa and drop a new frame on it?Why would you?Just leave it as it is!When you go to replace that frame, things might happen to it. So for me, this is really a piece of history and a piece of art.

Is a home inspection mandatory in Chattanooga?

You might just be ready to list your home for sale and are wondering why it would be necessary to have a home inspection service. On the other hand, another person might also be getting ready to buy a new home after touring the home with a friend or a partner. They might be wondering whether it would be important to hire the services of home inspectors.

On the side of home buyer

As a buyer, it is not required by law that you have a home inspection conducted before you buy the property. The home inspection is just something that you should do to protect your investment in the long run. A professional home inspection service will cost a significant amount of the whole price of the house but it is an important step. This service is recommended because you will be able to spot any underlying issues with the home that should guide you whether you should proceed with the home or not.

A home inspection on the side of the buyer also prevents the transfer of liability to you. This happens if the contracts have been finalized and you now own the home. If the roofs are faulty, the seller would not be held in any way to repair it for you.

On the side of home sellers

As a homeowner seeking to sell their home, you might be on the wrong side of the law if you sell a home without disclosing any serious defects that it might have. For instance, if there was an issue with the foundation, you would have risked the lives of the inhabitants. You might have missed this if you did the home inspection job by yourself as you are probably not a professional. That is why you will need to hire professional services.

Professional local home inspectors are well qualified and have skilled experience that should enable them to spot any serious issues. They are also licensed and this sort of passes the liability to them in case an issue arises in the future. You will therefore not have to carry the burden by yourself as the home inspectors are responsible for inspecting the home and telling you of any serious issues affecting its structure.

They would then expect you to perform the necessary repairs or renovations before you transfer the possession to another party. All of these processes are important because buying homes is actually one of the costliest investments that a buyer will have to make. It would be wrong if they have to deal with some serious damages after they have made the purchase. This might also put the lives of the inhabitants in danger and it would be worse if the inhabitants are actually their family members.

Bottom line

All in all, home inspection service in Chattanooga is important for both parties; buyers and sellers. This is because you would get the best deal out of the transaction thanks to the advice of your home inspector who should be able to single out any signs of defects on the home in question.

Author: Chief Inspector

What is the best time to sell your home

You might want to sell your home or property space and obviously, you want the highest price possible. As a homeowner, you may not be exposed to a vast market range and this limits your probability of making the best sale by yourself. You will need to consult a professional real estate firm, such as one in Chattanooga, as they will advise on the best way to get this done.

If you want to sell your home, you need to make the sale during the best time in a calendar year possible. Professionals have a way of figuring this out and this places them in a better position to make the sale when you approach them for this service. Unlike what many people think, spring is not the best time that you can make a sale for your home. The best time depends on several underlying factors, which are explained below;

  • The market that you want to approach determines the best time of the year to make the sale of your home

  • During the winter you could get a desperate buyer which would be of great benefit to you

  • During fall you can get an unmatched sale due to the lower rivalry levels, you will also not have to deal with paying too much for repairs

  • Summer is defined with cut-throat competition as families move into new neighborhoods as children join new schools

You could always seek the services of a real estate firm that should advise you on the best way to go about the selling of your property. You should deal with a local professional service provider that will provide you with suitable home inspectors that will advise on what should be done in preparing for the home to be sold.

What a professional real estate agency does

You must seek the consultation of a professional local real estate agency in Chattanooga. They will advise on the best time to sell your house and the best rate that your particular property can go for during a specific time in the calendar year. During some seasons, you could make a sale that could benefit you significantly. You should, therefore, be aware that the best time that you can list your property for sale depends on your present situation and the location of the property.

Your location matters because, during some seasons, some areas in the country are intensely affected by the weather. This makes them list their homes at lower rates compared to the homes that you could get in other less affected areas. You should, therefore, be wise when you list your property during these seasons.

Bottom line

All of these are done to prepare the home for sale. The last thing you want to deal with is to get a fairly lower price for your home when you could get a better price. You might not know how to market and make the final sale and this is why a professional real estate agent is highly recommended for this task.

Author: Nicole Anthony

What Do Home Inspectors Look For When Inspecting a Home?

Every professional home inspector follows a particular checklist of tasks to perform and things to scrutinize during a house examination. Though a home inspector’s checklist is extensive, let’s look at the main issues that almost every inspector is looking for to make sure that the house is safe :

Water Damage

Water, anywhere, is an undesirable red flag for any home inspector. In the basement, it signals compromising structural integrity of the building, and if the roof is leaking, it can cause blemishes on walls and ceilings. If not caught in time, water leakage can cause molds to be formed around the house, which is expensive damage to repair.

Structural Reliability

If there are any visible cracks in the walls, chimney, basement or bricks, or the floors are uneven, and there are gaps between walls and floors or around the windows and doors, it may indicate foundation damage that, if severe, can take thousands of dollars to repair.

Roof Damage

If the shingles on the roof appear to be curled or discolored or some of them missing, it indicates roof damage. If there is too much growth of algae or moisture in the ceilings or attic, it shows the same and should be a concern to be addressed seriously.

Electrical System

If it appears that the electrical panels have been modified improperly or there is any exposed wiring, it may be a safety hazard for the house. An expert electrician can be called in to assist in this part of the inspection to make sure there is no chance of fire or electrocution anywhere on the property.

Plumbing Issues

Any rusted or leaky pipes, clogging, or overflowing may indicate a bigger plumbing issue, which should be adequately investigated to avoid any hindrance in the future.

Pest Infestations

Every home inspector is on the lookout for any ants, termites, beetles, or other rodents like mice that might compromise the integrity of any part of the house.

HVAC System

If there are any dirty filters or cracked ductwork or rust around the HVAC unit, it may be checked thoroughly to make sure that heating ventilating and air-conditioning systems are appropriately maintained and effectively working.


Cautious buyers that also afford to have detailed home inspections look for the possible presence of radon, asbestos, and mold as it requires specialized equipment. Some buyers even want the sewage pipes examined for blockages using a camera.

The aim of a home inspection is not to find out so many issues in the house that the buyer gets impressed or the seller is disheartened, but the job of a professional home inspecting company is to make sure there is no significant damage to any basic components of the house that can result in buyer investing too much after moving in and also not to put too much pressure on the seller that the sale falters and the deal is doomed. A good home inspector knows the balance and acts accordingly by focusing only on repairs that can cost heavily.

Author: Desmond Thornton